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“But Amy and Clara are exactly alike! They’re completely interchangable!” the haters cry.

I’m lazy and can’t gif, but there’s also:

-Amy loves history and Clara hates it

-Amy ran away from her life with barely a second thought, Clara was worried about leaving her loved ones.

-When the Doctor broke into Amy’s house, she hit him with a baseball bat and handcuffed him. When the Doctor kept coming back to Clara’s house and harassing her, she gave him a weird look and then left it.

-Clara’s interaction with children is like a kind teacher or a parent (The Rings of Akhaten). Amy’s interaction with children is like a friend or rebellious teenage sister (The Beast Below).

But yeah, they’re totally the exact same character.

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Anonymous said,
Perhaps Favorite Moffat Project, or questions that include or a based around his other work, like Jekyll, Coupling and Press Gang?

That’s a very good point, it is rather Doctor Who or Sherlock heavy (although last year we had general questions and people did mention other shows). We’ll have to think about this.

In regards to the Moffat Appreciation day and the "favorite" whatnots, what exactly do we do for them? Make GIfsets, fanarts, essays, or anything else?

Anything. Basically anything from gifsets and fanarts, videos and elaborate essays to thank you letters or just writing a sentence about what your choice is. You can find last year’s entries here, but basically anything is good. There’s no limit on your creativity or your freedom to just say “My favourite monsters are the Weeping Angels, because there are scary” (and yes, that would be a valuable entry, because half the joy of this comes from as many people as possible participating). It can be for Doctor Who or Sherlock of Jekyll or Press Gang or anything else he’s ever written.

The only “rule” is that I would like to keep this as hate free as humanly possible.

How about favorite villain? I often see people simplifying them into archetypes, but they're really all quite different and complex and I'd love to see that celebrated. It could also cover favorite monster, since he's made several great ones.

Great! I think that will definitely make the list :). And you’re right, the answers could be reallly interesting.

How to tell Moffat’s Women Apart for Dumbies - MASTERLIST 


Hello! A while ago I wrote this post about Amy, Clara and River characters being diminished and their “sexiness” amplified over all their other defining traits. I received this deLIGHTful response from one johnskylar upon the topic which pretty much proved my point. However my rebuttal got lengthy and so I have decided to split it up into bite sized pieces so that YOU may be able to browse each section at your leisure. Call it a “How to tell Moffat’s Women Apart for Dumbies” guide.

This section contains

The Masterlist!


Moffat wrote three Sherlock episodes, four if you count his collaborative credit on "The Sign of Three". Also, I suppose "soundtrack" could go to each season's CDs (Doctor Who series 5, 6, 7, 8, "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe"/"The Snowmen", Sherlock series 1, 2, 3), because each season (and one could argue, each EPISODE) has a different tone to it, including the music.
themuslimbarbie replied to your post: “Moffat Appreciation Day + Countdown”:
What about favorite episodes instead of favorite moments?

In case of Sherlock, that proves a bit tricky, considering he only wrote two. With Doctor Who, there’s a bit more… I’m thinking of a way to say “favourite thing” more elegantly, but currently, nothing comes to mind.

historicrealmeity replied to your post: “Moffat Appreciation Day + Countdown”:
Favorite soundtrack, favorite kiss, favorite villain?

I love the favourite villain idea! That’s a really good one!

The credit for favourite soundtrack should really go to Murray Gold. (Someone should do a Murray Gold Appreciation Day though…)

Moffat Appreciation Day + Countdown 

(This is not an offficial announcement I’ll ask you to spread the news later, when I have more details…)

I’m planning to organise a Moffat Appreciation Day on November 18 again, because last year’s was wonderful and there can’t really be enough appreciation days in general. So this is the tentative heads up.

In addition, I’d love to have a Countdown again. It was a last minute idea the last time round, but I think it was great at inspiring people and spreading the news. So the idea is a 7-day prompt series and then whatever you want for MAD itself.

The only thing that’s missing? Prompts. Ideally, that would be something different from last year

Some tentative ideas include:

  • Favourite moment of DW series 8
    or just a general favourite thing about series 8
  • Favourite moment of Sherlock series 3
    or just a general favourite thing about series 3
  • Favourite character arc
  • Favourite friendship
  • favourite female character
  • Favourite triumphant moment
  • Favourite tearjerker
  • Favourite quote
  • Favourite theme (i.e. fairytales, death, identity,…)

I’d love to have some input on this. Tell me which one of those you find most interesting (or which ones you don’t like, for whatever reason)! Or (better yet) share your own suggestions!

jeaxra said,
Hello there! Love this blog to bits & I have a request and a question. I was wondering if you have some good Moffat positive blog recs? That would be awesome. Also it becomes endlessly upsetting to go into the Steven Moffat tag when over half of the posts seem to be hate. Would you have any good advice as to how I might be able to avoid this? Is there a tag that's more hate-free than others or something? Might be a silly question, but it gets so very disheartening. Thanks :)

Thank you!

Oh gosh, hon, stay out of the Steven Moffat tag. There’s a moffat love tag and a pro moffat. They aren’t that busy, but at least it tends to me a pretty hate-free environment. For the most part, it might be best to stick to blogs, rather than tags though…

I have a blog rec list on my personal blog, which I try to keep up to date. (Do check them out first, do not take my word there, although I don’t think you can really go wrong with the first part of the list).


Get to Know Clara - #14  While this is obviously part of a joke - a play on the number 11 - it does still suggest that she has an ordered list of disgusting things. Making lists like that would be very in line with what she describes as her control freak tendencies. At the very least, this does give us insight into her preferences. She likes tea. She hates whiskey.